LEDGO 45cm LED Ring Light (Bi-Colour)

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LEDGO 45cm LED Ring Light (Bi-Colour)

Product Description

LEDGO 45cm LED Ring Light (Bi-Colour)

Well-suited for beauty lighting, the Bi-Colour Flood Shoot-Through LED Ring Light from Ledgo provides a desirable soft, even light quality for close-up work along with the distinct shape to produce ring-shaped catchlight. It has a large 18.3" exterior diameter & its shoot-through design affords a 12"-diameter opening to work within, permitting the use of a range of cameras & lenses. The ring light has a CRI of 96 & a TLCI of 95 to ensure accurate colour rendition along with an onboard dimming adjustment & a colour temperature control from 3200-5600K to match varying ambient light situations.


  • LG-R320C Ring Light
  • Camera Bracket for 15mm Rods
  • Spring Handle
  • Power Adapter
  • Batteries to suit
  • Lighting Stand
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