Xlite Premium 105cm 5:1 Reflector Set With Handles

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Xlite Premium 105cm 5:1 Reflector Set With Handles

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Xlite Premium 105cm 5:1 Reflector is a helpful accessory for any type of photographer or content creator. The user is able to create endless combination's of lighting effects by simply unzipping the panel and flipping a reflector. The flexible light weight design with handle allows for easy portability, while keeping the different reflectors intact, therefore enhancing efficiency.

The product contains gold, silver, white, black and translucent reflectors.

The gold reflector - helpful for creating warm outdoor sunset scenes, or angelic halo effects.

The silver reflector - used to enhance the light in low light situations where strong light is needed.

The white reflector - develops a soft, clean light and it also helps to decompress the flash.

The black reflector - an 'anti-reflector' because it makes a shadow, and creates a certain dark and mysterious mood.

The translucent reflector - acts as a diffuser between the light source and the subject, which softens the harsh appearance.

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