V-Gear VG-F750 7.2V 5,300mAh 39Wh DV Camera Battery

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V-Gear VG-F750 7.2V 5,300mAh 39Wh DV Camera Battery

Product Description

Lightweight & with a high-capacity 5,300mAh+ (39+Wh) in a standard 4-cell NP-F style case, the V-Gear VG-F750 Lithium Battery Pack provides the advantages of lithium-ion, meaning it can be charged or discharged at any time without developing memory effect. The battery is ideal for many devices such as camera & wireless links that require a balance of high capacity & compact size.

The VG-750 is a 7.2V, 39+Wh Li-ion DV battery compatible with SONY L series NP-F770/750 batteries. The built-in intelligent circuit has multiple protections against abnormal current, voltage & temperature.

Tech Specs:

  • 7.2V
  • 39+Wh capacity
  • SONY L series Li-Ion DV battery compatible

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