Tilta Nucleus-M Run-Stop Cables (RS-01-LANC)

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Tilta Nucleus-M Run-Stop Cables (RS-01-LANC)

Product Description

These cables for the Nucleus-M give you run/stop capabilities in camera systems that support it. Simply plug the 7-pin end of the cable into one of the motors and the other end into the R/S port of the camera.

Note that this cable was specifically designed for the Nucleus-M so the R/S function only works with the Nucleus-M's own hand unit and hand grips.

For Sony FS5, Sony FS7, BMCC, Blackmagic URSA, Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro G1/G2, Panasonic EVA1, Z CAM, Sony FX9, Sony FX6, Panasonic BGH1

Tech Specs:

  • Weight: 0.09lbs
  • Length: 68.6cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Materials: Copper, rubber, aluminium-alloy

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