SmallRig Spring Control Cable 3407

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SmallRig Spring Control Cable 3407

Product Description

SmallRig Spring Control Cable 3407 is specially designed for Control Handle 3322, 3323, 3324, enabling stable and convenient record start/stop control. It is freely retractable, with a total extension length of about 800mm, and firmly connects the handle with the camera via Type C for MULTI, enables stable record start/stop control in shoulder shooting, tripod shooting, and handheld shooting. It supports the SONY MULTI protocol and fits Sony A7II/A7III/A6000/A6500.


1: SONY cameras:

  • A5100/A6000/A6100/A6300
  • A6400/A6500/A6600
  • RX100 III/RX100IV/RX100V
  • RX100 VI/RX100 VII

2: Control Handle 3322,3323,3324

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Spring Control Cable (Type C for MULTI)


  • Product Dimensions: 200 x Φ13mm
  • Package Dimensions: 85 x 75 x24mm
  • Net Weight: 18±5g
  • Package Weight: 35±5g
  • Material: TPE

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