SmallRig Memory Card Case 2832

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SmallRig Memory Card Case 2832

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SmallRig 2832 Memory Card Case

SmallRig Memory Card Case 2832 is an auxiliary product for photography enthusiasts. It can store three SD Cards & two Micro SD Cards, which is convenient for storing the memory cards of cameras, action cameras, drone, & mobile phones. Each memory card has an independent safe space, which can quickly & safely slide into the card slot for storage. The memory card case also comes with a SIM card holder & a SIM card tray pin, which is convenient for consumers to change the mobile phone card when they go abroad or when business needs. It`s compact & easy to store. The outer shell is made of hard aluminium alloy, & the inner case is made of ABS+PC material. It uses a pull-out structure to facilitate quick access to internal items.

Works With:

  • SD Card
  • Micro SD Card
  • SIM Card

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