RODE SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit

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RODE SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit

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The RØDE Mobile Interview Kit, including one SC6-L & two smartLav+ Lavalier microphones, is the perfect solution for effortless dual audio recording on the go, using your iPhone or iPad. Designed with run-and-gun interviews in mind, the all-in-one package ensures a quick & easy setup, & flexible recording options for crystal clear audio.

The Interview Kit comes with the SC6-L, two LAV-CLIPs, two WS-LAV windshields, a storage pouch, & two smartLav+ microphones, RØDE's professional grade Lavaliers. The smartLav+ is a discreet & portable 4.5mm miniature mic made with omni-directional condenser capsules & Kevlar reinforced cables, making them suitable for a wide range of film, television & broadcast applications.

The SC6-L is a simple input/output breakout box with Lightning connector to connect directly to iOS devices. With two TRRS inputs & one stereo headphone output, the SC6-L connects to any TRRS devices, including two smartLav+ microphones & headphones for direct monitoring & playback. Optimised to be used with the RØDE Reporter app, the user can enable/disable direct monitoring, alter boost gain, & choose between summed stereo & dual mono. These features can be retained by the SC6-L allowing users to use the SC6-L with other apps, such as the Camera, GarageBand, Voice Memos, etc.


  • 2 x RODE SmartLav+
  • 1 x SC6-L Dual TRRS input & headphone output for Apple Devices

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