RODE NTG5 Location Recording Kit

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RODE NTG5 Location Recording Kit

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The RODE NTG5 is a short, ultra-lightweight shotgun microphone ideal for use in the most demanding recording applications. Featuring a revolutionary acoustic design with circular ports replacing the linear slots found in other shotgun mics, it offers unmatched transparency & a more natural, uncoloured sound. Combined with a tightly controlled frequency response, smooth off-axis response, & very low self-noise (just 10dBA), the NTG5 sounds spectacular in a wide variety of applications, particularly location recording & demanding filmmaking scenarios where superlative audio is the imperative.

The NTG5 is a boom operator’s dream, weighing a mere 76g & measuring just over 20cm, making it ideal for use on long, demanding shoots. It features RF-bias circuitry to ensure reliable performance in adverse environments, with excellent resistance to high humidity, severe cold, damp, & dust. & it comes with a WS10 deluxe windshield, PG2-R pistol grip, & other accessories.


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