RODE NTG4+ Directional Condenser Microphone with In-built Battery

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RODE NTG4+ Directional Condenser Microphone with In-built Battery

Product Description

Building on the popularity & acceptance of the RODE NTG2, the NTG4+ features an all-new condenser capsule with low noise, high sensitivity & the convenience of on-board equalisation/level control via digital switching. The NTG4+ is the very first microphone to feature an in-built battery that provides 150+ hours of operation with the convenience of USB charging.

Control the in-built high-pass filter, pad & high frequency boost using convenient digital switching on the microphone body. Persistent states ensure your settings are retained when the microphone is switched off.

The internal battery provides 150+ hours of operation from with a charge time of only two hours. The included MicroUSB cable makes charging simple & convenient, meaning the mic can be charged via a computer, power-brick or even your car.

The NTG4 & NTG4+ both feature an all-new condenser capsule from RODE with low noise floor, higher sensitivity & a rich, smooth character.

In the Box:

  • NTG4+ Microphone
  • RM5 Microphone Clip
  • ZP2 Padded Zip Pouch
  • Windshield for NTG4 & NTG4+
  • Micro USB cable
Optional Extras:
RODE WS6 Deluxe Wind Shield

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