Nashua 357 Gaffer Tape 48mm x 40m

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Nashua 357 Gaffer Tape 48mm x 40m

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Preferred by film & video professionals, Nashua 357 Gaffer's Tape has a proven reputation for reliability under the most difficult conditions. Superior tensile strength and clean adhesive release resists delamination. Tape off the roll tears straight, hangs straight and is curl resistant. Outstanding performance over a wide range of temperatures and environments.

A high performance waterproof cloth tape made by laminating a polyethylene film to a tough cloth fabric and coating with a premium quality heavy natural rubber based adhesive. The adhesive coating is carried out by using an exclusive “Double pass system.”

Nashua 357 is the industry standard in the Film, T.V, Music and general entertainment industries where it is commonly known as “Gaffer Tape.” It is used in these industries to secure cables to floors, carpets and other surfaces for safety reasons.

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