NanLite Forza 60 Soft Box

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NanLite Forza 60 Soft Box

Product Description

The NanLite Forza 60 Soft Box is a travel-friendly 16-Sided Soft Box with a deep parabolic design created to be the perfect companion to the Forza 60 LED with a removable front diffuser, silver interior, & a fast set up speed ring.

Control & Shape Light The Forza 60 Soft Box's reflective silver interior maximizes the Forza 60's light output while the removable front diffuser softens it & reduces contrast. Also, the deep parabolic shape creates even lighting with a wrap-around quality & natural-looking catchlights.

Fast Set Up & Break Down The Forza 60 is ready at a moment's notice, so it's & should be too. This & utilizes a built-in Forza 60 style speed ring with spring-loaded rod locks. Quickly snap the rods into place to set up the & & then release them at the touch of a button for break down.

Accepts Optional Fabric Grids For additional control of light spill & added directionality, an optional fabric grid can be mounted via touch-fasteners. The fabric grid narrows the beam angle to 40 degrees & concentrates the light's beam forward. Fabric Grid sold separately, SKU# EC-FZ60

Tech Specs:

  • Shape: Hex decagon
  • Interior Colour: Silver
  • Number of Rods: 16
  • Removable Front Diffusion: Yes
  • Requires Speedring: No, Built in Forza 60 Quick Change Mount
  • Accepts Grids: Yes, Sold Separately SKU# EC-FZ60
  • Dimensions: (Diameter x Depth) 22in x 12in
  • Weight: 2.7lb

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