Nanlite NP-F Battery Adapter with E27 Head (BT-BA-SNP-E27)

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Nanlite NP-F Battery Adapter with E27 Head (BT-BA-SNP-E27)

Product Description

The NP-F Battery Adapter and Mount for PavoBulb 10C from Nanlite incorporates a mount for an separately available NP-F style battery to operate the PavoBulb 10C in locations where AC power is inconvenient or unavailable. It has a short, integrated USB Type-C cord to plug into the PavoBulb to supply power. A built-in battery status indicator allows battery life to be monitored during use. The higher capacity of the NP-F battery, the longer the available runtime is.

The adapter features a non-powered E27 socket to attach a PavoBulb 10C LED bulb, and an E27 head to screw the battery adapter into a lamp socket. The E27 head features a female 1/4" 20 receiver that allows it mount almost anywhere. When faced with a practical light in a shot that's difficult or impossible to plug into AC power, you can use this accessory to power your PavoBulb for long periods of time and have it mounted inside the shade of a lamp, or anywhere else it is desired.

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