​NanLite Forza 300 & 500 Deep Parabolic Soft Box (120cm)

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​NanLite Forza 300 & 500 Deep Parabolic Soft Box (120cm)

Product Description

The NanLite Para 120 Soft Box with Bowens Mount (47in) is a 16-Sided Soft Box with a deep parabolic design that creates even lighting with a wrap-around quality & natural-looking catchlights while increasing directional control.

Control & Shape Light The Para 120's reflective silver interior maximizes light output while the removable front diffuser softens it & reduces contrast. Also, the parabolic shape creates even lighting with a wrap-around quality & natural-looking catchlights. Its 29" depth produces a focused light with increased directional control, minimal spill light, & significant falloff.

NanLite provides Diffusion Options to enable even more adjustment of light quality. Also, using neither diffuser turns the Para 120 into a large reflector outputting high contrast light. Bowens Style Speed Ring Created to be compatible with NanLite's Forza Series LEDs, the Para 120 includes a Bowens Style Speed Ring. This near-universal light modifier mount expands compatibility to an extensive range of LED, strobe, & constant light sources.

Optional fabric grid can be mounted via touch-fasteners. The fabric grid narrows the beam angle to 60 degrees & concentrates the light's beam forward. Fabric Grid sold separately, SKU# EC-PR120

Compatible light:

  • Forza 300, Forza 500, P-100, P-200


  • Normal
  • Quick-fold

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