Manfrotto SYMPLA Universal Mount

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Manfrotto SYMPLA Universal Mount

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The multi-purpose Manfrotto Universal Mount is a self-hanging clamp that slides along SYMPLA rails & locks in position with a single locking lever. The Universal Mount is the basic structural element for numerous SYMPLA components (the Flexible Matte-Box, Shoulder Pad, V-Offset, Body & Lens Supports, & Adjustable Handles all attach to SYMPLA Rods via Universal Mounts) & it can also support external accessories. This makes SYMPLA an easy & intuitive system to use & adjust, because once you know how to adjust a Universal Mount, you can adjust all the components built around it too. It has an '''open hook''' design, which allows it to be inserted & hung on the SYMPLA rails from below, with one hand, even between other elements that have already been positioned. ent.

The Universal Mount is extremely versatile, thanks to its industry standard 4 x 3/8” female threads & 2 x 1/4” female threads, which can be used to attach arms, adaptors & other components & accessories to a SYMPLA rig.

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