Manfrotto SYMPLA Rods - 150mm (15mm) + 2x screw junctions

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Manfrotto SYMPLA Rods - 150mm (15mm) + 2x screw junctions

Product Description

150mm (5.9''') long rods are one of the basic building blocks of all SYMPLA rigs, & are always used in parallel pairs to create a track which allows components to be mounted & positioned correctly.

Rods can be united (using the included screw junctions), joined at different heights using the V-Offset component, or shifted laterally using the H-Offset component. These short Rods are compact & useful for mounting elements like the SYMPLA Shoulder Pad, Camera Body Support or Lens Support, or Adjustable Handles that require only minimal back-front adjustment.

Made in 15mm diameter tubular aluminium for strength & reduced weight, 150mm Rods are the shorter of SYMPLA's two sizes. Supplied as a pair, with two 1/2”-13UNC screw junctions included.

Tech Specs:
  • Length - 150mm (6")
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