Manfrotto SYMPLA Flexible Mattebox, 2x (4x4") Filter Holders & Rubber

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Manfrotto SYMPLA Flexible Mattebox, 2x (4x4") Filter Holders & Rubber

Product Description

High quality digital sensors & lenses need careful control of incoming light & the SYMPLA Flexible Mattebox is a universal light hood, a positionable anti-glare/anti-reflection shield & a double 4x4'' filter holder, all rolled into one. A key component of the SYMPLA system, the Flexible Mattebox is designed for speed & ease of use, with its 90° hinge allowing fast lens changes & single-lock, tool-free height & front-back movements for equally speedy alignment.
The SYMPLA Flexible Mattebox is designed for cameras with interchangeable lenses; fitted on a Universal Mount, it slides backwards & forwards along SYMPLA rails, & has 50mm of vertical travel so that it can be aligned with lenses of different lengths & heights. The Mattebox has an elasticated textile lens seal that fits common lens diameters, & is built around a 90° swivel joint. The weight of the Mattebox is fully supported by the SYMPLA rails (not by the camera lens) reducing stress on the camera’s lens mount.

Two 4x4'' filters can be held in front of the lens –one of the filter holders rotates to allow a polarising (or graduated) filter to be angled correctly.

Another benefit of the flexible hood is that it can be used when shooting at an angle through glass: position the camera & extend & angle the hood so it forms a seal against the glass, thereby cutting out reflections.

Tech Specs:
  • Weight - 1.1 kg

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