Manfrotto SYMPLA Camera Body Support

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Manfrotto SYMPLA Camera Body Support

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Manfrotto's SYMPLA Camera Body Support & Lens Supporthelp create a more stable, vibration-free platform for shooting. Filming with long telephoto lenses on HDSLR cameras or Camcorders means using the lens L-bracket as the connection between camera & rig, which creates a less than ideal weight distribution & means that the slightest movement or touch of the camera or lens (such as pressing '''Rec''', or focusing the lens) produces visible camera shake & vibration that has to be edited or removed in post-production. The body & lens supports are vertically adjustable to rest firmly against the camera body & lens to damp & eliminate vibration, & to make your whole rig more stable. Both supports are rubber-coated to protect camera equipment.
The SYMPLA Body Support has a flat rubber-coated bar that can be raised until it rests solidly against the underside of your camera body in order to stop it from vibrating when the lens L-bracket is being used to connect the camera to SYMPLA. A repositionable ratchet locking lever blocks height adjustment. To cover greater height ranges, an additional SYMPLA V-Offset can be used with the Body Support.
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