Manfrotto MVR911ECCN Clamp-on Electronic Remote Control for Canon DSLR Cameras

Manfrotto MVR911ECCN Clamp-on Electronic Remote Control for Canon DSLR Cameras

Product Description

The Manfrotto MVR911ECCN Clamp-On Remote Control Unit promises real innovation in the field of DSLR filming by circumventing the need for any physical contact between follow-focus equipment & the camera lens, instead wiring directly into the camera body to use the internal focus control systems. The advantages are obvious: lenses can be swapped easily without extra hardware or adjustment, nothing jolts the camera unexpectedly during follow-focus, one-man camera operation is easier, & control at a distance is as simple as extending the cable between the camera and the remote. The Clamp-On Remote is perfectly integrated into the SYMPLA system, fitting comfortably to the spacer element of a SYMPLA Adjustable Handle & allowing fingertip control of key camera functions without moving the hand from the grips, in turn making support more stable & secure.


  • Never been used, only ever put on display.
Please Note:
  • The Clamp-On Remote Control Unit connects to Canon Cameras via a "Mini USB" connector.
  • 3-step, ultra-precise focus speed
  • Fixed or variable focus control modes
  • Customizable focus speed limit
  • Focus Memory settings
  • Live View control
  • Auto Focus control
  • Live View Digital Zoom control
  • Video recording start/stop
  • Photo shutter release
  • Remote control battery status
  • Customizable focus direction
  • Recording LED
  • Video & Photo LED
  • Clamp fits the spacer supplied with SYMPLA
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