Lishuai Soft LED Panel P-1380ASVL (Bi-Colour)

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Lishuai Soft LED Panel P-1380ASVL (Bi-Colour)

Product Description

The Lishuai Soft LED Panel P-1380 is an excellent light for interviews which achieves an even soft light with a 120 degree spread. This gives a beautiful flattering light & avoids harsh shadows, perfect for lighting people. These lights are a great choice for lighting interviews, narrative work or anything else where you want a flattering light source.

Achieving high TLCI & CRI measurements at a range of colour temperatures, you can trust the quality of light from the Lishuai P-1380. Colour accuracy is so important for video production, so make sure your light source is going to make your subject look fantastic.

The Lishuai P-1380 is specially designed for use in Film & TV production meaning you get flicker free light, even in high frame rates.

With both a 12V AC power input & a V-Lock battery plate the Lishuai P-1380 gives you the flexibility to keep your light running all day long, whatever the location.
Tech Specs:
  • Dimming: 10-100%
  • Bi-Colour: 3200K to 5600K
  • Brightness/Light Intensity: 2458Lux/m, 670Lux/2m
  • Spread: 120┬░wide beam
  • LCD Display: Control Panel
  • Power: AC or V-Lock Battery
  • Build: Aluminium Housing
  • Dimensions: 63.7cm x 33cm x 7.2cm
  • Weight: 4.8kg

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