Lishuai Edgelight C-1180AS LED Strip Light (126cm) Bi-Colour

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Lishuai Edgelight C-1180AS LED Strip Light (126cm) Bi-Colour

Product Description

The LED Edgelight is the new frontier of LED lighting. Portable, easy to use, & fast to set up, this LED kit offers a complete lighting solution straight out of the box. Standing at over 1.2 metres tall, the C-1180AS is a new generation strip light.

Instead of forward-facing LEDs like in a conventional panel, the Edgelight's LEDs are mounted around the outer edge, aimed inward at layers of diffusion material. Instead of a direct beam, the Edgelight's bounced light approach produces a soft, even glow with no hotspots. It's perfect for filling in shadows, or using as glamour light, all of this within an elegant form factor. The internally bounced light is easier on the eyes; your subject can look directly toward the light with no discomfort.

The light is Bi-Colour allowing you to adjust the colour temperature from tungsten 3200K to daylight 5600K. A back-lit LCD indicator shows light level, colour temperature & battery life status.

The Lishuai C-1180AS weighs 6.7kgs

Kit Includes:
  • Lishuai Edgelight C-1180AS 3200-5600k Colour Temperature
  • 110-240v Power Supply Cable
  • Fitted Custom Padded Carry Case & Shoulder Strap
Additional Extras:
  • V-Lock Battery Plate

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