​LEDGO Versatile Flexible LED Panels V58C2K1 (Bi-Colour)

​LEDGO Versatile Flexible LED Panels V58C2K1 (Bi-Colour)

Product Description

With a focus on ultimate portability, Versatile panels from LEDGO are the future of flexible & waterproof lighting solutions. At only 2mm thick & bendable, these lighting panels are extremely lightweight & very affordable.

The LEDGO Versatile Lighting Kit includes two flexible LED panels with colour adjustable LED's, two mounting frames, an AC adaptor, a V-Lock adaptor, & a carry bag. At just 5.95kg, this is a very easy kit to carry for on location battery powered shoots.

The folding aluminium fames are a 60x60cm square, & a 30 x 120cm strip, providing two shapes of light.

These flexible LED panels can also be used free form. You could gaffer tape them to the inside of a car roof, or inside a product for cool product shots. Being waterproof, you could even stick them inside a shower cubicle!

This truly is a Very VERSATILE LED Lighting Kit!

NEW High Output version now available

What's in the Box:

  • 2 x V58C2 Bi-Colour LED Panels (each panel is 60 x 30cm) that can be used independently or velcroed together
  • 2 x Alloy Frames to hold panels (1 x 60cm square & 1 x 120cm rectangular strip)
  • 2 x Diffusion Fabrics to fit both size frames
  • Power Supply
  • V-Lock Battery Adaptor
  • Dimmer Control Unit
  • Light Stand
  • Carry case
Tech Specs:
  • Colour Temperature: Variable LEDs (3200K/5600K)
  • Colour Accuracy: RA 95
  • Power Draw: 57.6W (28.6W each panel)
  • Brightness: Stepless Adjustable Dimmer
  • DC Power: 15V AC adaptor included

Additional Accessories:

  • V-Lock Batteries
  • NP-F970 Style Batteries (2x needed)

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