LEDGO T6240 LED Lighting Case

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LEDGO T6240 LED Lighting Case

Product Description

The LEDGO T6240 LED Lighting Case utilises high efficiency LEDs & enables the user to take shadowless photos & videos of small objects. Ideal for website producers & online retailers.

Supplied ready to use with 6 different backgrounds (blue, grey, yellow, white, pink & black).

This light box has built-in soft LED diffused lights which can be individually dimmed to create the best effect.

Fast & easy to set up and pack down. Mains operated 240V AC.

Package Includes:
  • 1 x NGT6240 Lighting box with carry handle, with built in LED lights
  • 1 x Mains Power Adaptor
  • 6 x Background papers blue, grey, yellow, white, pink & black,
  • 1 x Protective Carry Case
  • Colour temperature 5600K (Daylight)
  • Power source: via 240V AC Adaptor
  • Power: 30 Watts from 3 points with individual stepless dimmer adjustments
  • Dimensions set up: 62 x 62 x 67cm
  • Dimensions folded: 62 x62 x 9cm
  • Weight: approx.. 12.5Kg
  • Approx. maximum width of item being photographed: 40cm

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