LEDGO Carry Bag for 3 LED Panels & Stands

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LEDGO Carry Bag for 3 LED Panels & Stands

Product Description

This Carry Case Bag for 3 LED light panels & light stands is specially designed for transporting 3 panels inside the case, & 3 light stands strapped to the top of the case. This sturdy bag can hold up to 3 panels & stands of 600, 900, or 1200 LED configuration, & 3 sets of cables & AC adaptors, each in its own compartment, to prevent the lights & adaptors from rubbing against one another during transport. Ideal for the mobile video producer who needs to carry their gear into & out of shoots as efficiently as possible.

Material : Cloth PVC

Dimension: 61cm x 35cm x 42cm

Weight: 6.3kg

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