LEDGO Carry Bag for 2 LED Panels and Stands

LEDGO Carry Bag for 2 LED Panels and Stands

Product Description

This Carry Case Bag for 2 LED light Panels and Stands is specially designed for transporting 2 panels inside the case, and 2 light stands strapped to the top of the case. This sturdy bag can hold up to 2 panels and stands of 600, 900, or 1200 LED configuration, and 2 sets of cables and AC adaptors, each in its own compartment, to prevent the lights and adaptors from rubbing against one another during transport. Ideal for the mobile video producer who needs to carry their gear into and out of shoots as efficiently as possible.

Material : Cloth PVC
Dimension: 61cm x 24cm x 50cm
Weight: 4.3kg

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