LEDGO Bowens Mount Fresnel 10 to 40 degrees with gels

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LEDGO Bowens Mount Fresnel 10 to 40 degrees with gels

Product Description

The LEDGO Bowens mount Fresnel adaptor with gels is like a zoom lens for your flash for LED light. With a rotating telescoping design that allows light through its rotation angle variation in the range of 10 -40 degrees. It comes with set of four coloured gels to provide creative spotlighting or colour wash options.
The lens is equipped with a Bowens mount adapter that can be mounted on any video lights or monoblock flash, which uses the Bowens mount. Note that some flash units will need the modelling light removed to use this LEDGO Fresnel adaptor.
This fresnel adaptor is recommended as an ideal accessory for the new monobloc style LEDs such as the Jinbei EF100 and EF200.
  • Rotary telescoping Fresnel design, from flood to spot
  • Can throw the light more than 15M, for stage photography and other long distance shooting applications.
  • When using a 10 degree Focus beam, the light is 10 times (3.3 stops) brighter.
Technical Specifications:
  • Filters/Gels: 4pcs
  • Dimension: 145mm x 145mm x 135mm
  • Weight: 0.6kg
Shipping Weight: 0.6000kg
Shipping Width: 0.150m
Shipping Height: 0.150m
Shipping Length: 0.150m

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