LEDGO 900 LED Panel, V-Lock Battery Plate & Barndoors (Daylight)

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LEDGO 900 LED Panel, V-Lock Battery Plate & Barndoors (Daylight)

Product Description

For lighting on location, you can't go past LEDGO's 900 5600K LED panel. When light output is the main consideration, this 900 panel offers a portable, lightweight option for the roving camera operator or movie maker. With latest generation diode technology this panel provides cool, even, colour accurate light & can be powered by mains power (110-240V) with a heavy duty 4 pin XLR connector, or utilise the V-Lock buckle on the back of the panel when you're off the grid.

Easily modify the output with the included modifiers (standard diffuser, super soft diffuser, magenta gel & tungsten gel) to suit any lighting situation. Using gels to change the colour temperature means you don't have to trade off light output for in-built colour adjustment. All LEDs are on all the time with colour changed by the provided gels, offering you a more versatile lighting tool when you're on the go.

Finishing this quality panel off is the all-metal mounting bracket, which ensures your LEDGO light is going to go the distance. LEDGO LED lights come in a range of sizes for all your video & still image applications.

Please Note:
  • This unit is also available in the “Value Series”, a more cost effective LED Panel in a plastic housing. The Pro Series incorporates a metal housing.
Kit Includes
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Filter Set includes Soft, Extra-Soft, Magenta & Yellow
  • 1 x Manual
Tech Specs:
  • Colour Temperature: 5600K
  • Total Power: 54 watts
  • Power Source: 14-16.8V DV or 100-240V AC
  • Product dimensions: 415 x 395 x 84 millimetre
  • Weight: 2560 grams

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