LEDGO 640 LED Ring light 4 X 160 modular panel kit

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LEDGO 640 LED Ring light 4 X 160 modular panel kit

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The LEDGO 640 LED Ring Light with 4 x 160 modular panels is a handy LED lighting kit. Each panel has a curved shape and light output of 1280 lumens, while only consuming a maximum of 9.6 watts each. Once the 4 modules are connected to form a ring shaped light panel, you can create visually stunning light effects, reflections, and catch lights. Each of the 4 LED panels has adjustable brightness and three filters are provided to make an adjustment for the colour temperature to tungsten, or two different levels of diffusion. The design of the lamps connects the control of the light output, so once assembled into the ring structure, you can adjust power output for all panels from the controls on any of the 4 panels. All 4 panels will adjust together, ensuring consistent output levels. The included light stand brackets allow each of the 4 panels to be used separately, as main lights, fill lights or hair lights. The 15mm rail mount allows you to easily and safely mount your DSLR in the middle of the ring light. The soft carry case makes it easy to store and transport the kit. The ring light kit comes with 4 batteries, and two chargers for powering on location. The light can also be powered by an optional AC adaptor, available separately.
  • 4 x Colour adjustable, curved LED panels, each with 160 LEDs
  • 4 sets of diffusers (light diffusion, heavier diffusion, and a tungsten gel in each set)
  • 4 x light stand mounts
  • 1 x 15mm rail kit with light stand and soft handle
  • 4 x Sony compatible NPF550 batteries
  • 2 x Sony compatible NPF chargers
  • 1 x Soft carry case
Model #: LG-160S4Kit
Brand: LEDGO
Shipping Weight: 4.6000kg
Shipping Width: 0.130m
Shipping Height: 0.440m
Shipping Length: 0.560m

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