LEDGO 600 LED Panel, V-Lock Battery Plate & Barndoors (Daylight)

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LEDGO 600 LED Panel, V-Lock Battery Plate & Barndoors (Daylight)

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The LEDGO 600 LED 5600K Panel, V-Lock Battery Plate & Barndoors is great value & built for the rigors of production work. All metal construction with four Barndoors for protection of the panel & control of spill. This 600 Panel is 5600K Colour Temperature only. Useable in both the studio or on location, this unit produces over 3500 Lumens of daylight colour output. The LEDGO 600 can be powered by mains power (110-240V) or utilise the V-Lock Battery Plate, a great option for run'n gun jobs. The included light modifiers - standard diffuser, super soft diffuser, magenta gel & tungsten gel) give you the flexibility to soften or change the colour of the light. At just 2.1kg this light is a great panel for small crews.

Please Note:
  • This unit is also available in the “Value Series”, a more cost effective LED Panel in a plastic housing. The Pro Series incorporates a metal housing.

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