LEDGO 56 LED On Camera LED Panel (Daylight)

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LEDGO 56 LED On Camera LED Panel (Daylight)

Product Description

The LEDGO LG56 is a compact, easy to handle, mini LED panel that throws light up to 2.5-meters. This is the perfect solution for on camera lighting with a daylight-balanced set of LEDs. It holds a continuous charge up to 1.5 hours on 3-AA batteries! Or plug it in using a 3.0-to-4.5V DC power supply adapter for continuous operation. The integrated metal mounting arm allows you to mount the light directly to your camera body via the tripod thread, or mount it to a light stand or boom. When not in use, the arm folds away into the side of the panel meaning you can also use it one camera via the hotshoe mount. The LG56 LEDGO panel comes in a protective carry bag that also accommodates the included gel pack. You get three additional gels to modify the light coming from the LG56; 1x extra soft diffuser, 1x tungsten colour gel & 1x fluorescent coloured gel. LEDGO LED panels are some of the most innovative & advanced on the market, with design features that set a bench mark in the industry. The full range of LED panels cater for the enthusiast video/photo shooter, right though to professional studio, broadcast & film shooters. With products like mini LED panels, macro LED panels, shotgun mic mountable units, & larger studio LED panels, there is something for everyone.
12 months Australian replacement warranty
ey Features:
  • All-in-one camera light with no external cables
  • Lightweight & compact with long life LEDs
  • Continuous output of bright, friendly soft light
  • Heat-free LED technology
  • 100% to 0 dimming with no noticeable colour shift
  • Uses standard or rechargeable AA batteries
  • Runs 1.5 hours on four AA batteries (Alkaline) or,
  • Runs 7-8 hours on E2 Lithium AA batteries
  • CRI of 90+
Product Dimensions: 83 x 69 x 38 millimetres
Brand: LEDGO
Shipping Weight: 0.3400kg
Shipping Length: 0.160m
Unit Of Measure: ea

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