LEDGO 4x 150 LED Kit For Video & Photography Inc. Bag, Batteries & Charger

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LEDGO 4x 150 LED Kit For Video & Photography Inc. Bag, Batteries & Charger

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This all-in-one kit from LEDGO is designed to make transporting and storing your portable LEDs simple and easy. Everything you need to utilise the 4x LEDGO LGB150 LED light panels is accommodated within the padded carry bag. This means everything is kept together, in one spot so nothing gets lost or misplaced. Included in this kit are 4x LGB150 LED panels, 4x gel packs to modify the light, 4x lithium batteries, 1x charger, mounting hardware and more.

This kit is ideal for someone looking for versatile, continuous LED lighting which can be configured to work as one large panel, 2 medium panels, or you can use the 4 units on their own to create a 4 point light set up. Configuring the lighting is easy thanks to LEDGO's patented connecting system which allows you to connect the lights seamlessly, providing even beautiful light. LEDGO's range of LED panels acheive a very high 90+ CRI (colour rendering index) score making them extremely colour accurate and useful in situations where the colour of your lighting is especially important. The colour output of each panel is easily changed thanks to the easy to attach gels that are included in the kit. Great for the mobile corporate shooter, food photographer, kid photographer, product photographer, or enthusiast. This LEDGO LED light panel kit will serve you well for years.

LEDGO LED lights come in a range of sizes for all your video and still image applications.

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