LEDGO 3 X 560 LED 5600K Interview Kit with Batteries & Carry Bag

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LEDGO 3 X 560 LED 5600K Interview Kit with Batteries & Carry Bag

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Ledgo 3 x 560 LED 5600k Daylight Interview Kit, including NPF970 Batteries, Chargers & Shoulder Bag

The Ledgo 560 LED 5600k Daylight Interview Kit are perfect for location shooting as they are completely battery powered, meaning you can shoot for up to 90 minutes at full power using the included Sony type NP-F970 batteries.

Up to 3 batteries can be connected to each light, fixture for half day run times, or hot swapping in the field.

  • High CRI (>90) for colour accuracy
  • 5600K daylight balanced, and flicker free
  • Bright/soft light output almost as much as a typical 1x1
  • Built in dimmer dial for flicker free power adjustment
  • Flexible twist handle allows for easy angle adjustment of the light (for hand held or mounting on a light stand)
  • Lightweight and portable. Only 940g for each light fixture, and with dimensions of 27cm x 18 cm x 6cm, it's easy to recruit an assistant to hold a light for you on location.
  • The total kit packs into a compact shoulder bag of 66cm x 35cm x 12cm, and weights only 7.8kg, making it easy to carry a 3 point lighting kit on your shoulder.
Kit Includes:
  • 3 x LG-B560 lights
  • 3 x soft diffuer
  • 3 x milk diffusers
  • 3 x 7000K blue filters
  • 3 x 3200K orange filters
  • 3 x NPF-970 batteries
  • 3 x battery chargers
  • 3 x AC mains power adaptors
  • 3 x flexible foam handles with built in 5/8" light stand mount
  • 1 x carrying bag
*Stands pictured are NOT included, available separately.

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