LEDGO 150 LED On Camera LED Panel For Video & Photography Inc. Battery & Charger

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LEDGO 150 LED On Camera LED Panel For Video & Photography Inc. Battery & Charger

Product Description

Attach The LGB150 LEDGO panel to your DSLR or Video Camera using the standard hot shoe. Or attach one of four included filters to adjust look of this super bright LED Panel. You can also connect as many panels together as you wish thanks to LEDGO's patented seamless connection system.
The LGB150 is designed to be easy & enjoyable to use, whether you are shooting with one panel or several panels, whether they are attached or separate. This is a fantastic choice in the LED light panel market.
The LGB150 LED Light Panel draws a maximum of 9 Watts & is powered by a single DC Battery. The light is compatible includes a Lithium batteries & charger. The super bright panel produces an incredible 1100 lumens within its 142 x 44 x 95 millimetre frame. Easily attach any of the 4-filters (standard diffuser, super soft diffuser, tungsten or fluoro) to enhance your shoot whether you are in-studio or on-location. This easy to mount setup can be adjusted with a simple dimmer switch in precise increments. You wont notice it in your camera bag as it weights in at 210 grams!
12 months Australian replacement warranty
Kit Includes:
  • 4 x Filters includes Soft, Extra-Soft, Magenta & Yellow
  • 1 x AA Battery Box
  • 1 x Battery Adapter
  • 1 x Soft Bag
Key Feature:
  • Build a 300, 600, 900, 1350 or 1600 LED Panel
  • 25-to-100 % LED Dimmer Dial
  • AA Battery Adapter
Dimensions: 142 x 44 x 95
Weight: 210 g
Brand: LEDGO
Shipping Weight: 0.6000kg
Unit Of Measure: ea

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