LEDGO 126 LED On Camera LED Panel For Video & Photography Inc. Battery & Charger

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LEDGO 126 LED On Camera LED Panel For Video & Photography Inc. Battery & Charger

Product Description

LEDGO's LGB126 LED panel is adaptable to a variety of digital camcorders & DSLR applications. This lightweight, compact LED panel is perfect for mounting onto your camera & shooting on location, or using as interview lighting for more static shots. An intuitive knob at the back of the panel gives you the ability to adjust the brightness of the LGB126 LED light panel. This means you can create a subtle fill effect to complement natural light, or increase the power & use it for key lighting.
If you have several LGB126 panels you can join them up to create a larger light source or create a unique shape thanks to LEDGO's patented connecting design. The LGB126 comes in a handy padded carry bag & includes 4 clip on modifiers to change the look of the light being produced. 2 diffusers of different strengths, a tungsten gel & a fluoro gel are provided in their own wallet, which keeps them together & reduces the chance of loosing them. The panel has a buckle to accept Sony style NPF lithium batteries, which is included with charger.
LEDGO LED lights come in a range of sizes for all your video and still image applications.
12 months Australian replacement warranty
Kit Includes:
  • 4 x Filters: Standard, Soft, Magenta & Tungsten
  • 1 x AA Battery Box
  • 1 x Battery Adapter
  • 1 x Soft Bag
Product Dimensions: 134 x 40 x 85.3 millimetres
Maximum Power: 7.65 Watts
Multiple Power Source: 7.2-to-12 Volt DC
Colour Temperature: 5600K
CRI: 90+

Brand: LEDGO
Shipping Weight: 0.6000kg
Unit Of Measure: ea

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