Kupo Mini double Articulated Arm with 5/8" spigots

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Kupo Mini double Articulated Arm with 5/8" spigots

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The Mini Articulated Arm with 5/8" spigots Double Section has a combination of three hybrid heads and 2 aluminium tubes in matte anodized black. These are great for positioning your camera with use of the Kupo Camera bracket, mounted to a Kupo Convi clamp, accessories or small lighting fixture in a contained position with its easy to adjust clamp in confined space or your specific desired position.

2 Years Warranty

  • Three (3) Hybrid Heads
  • Head Size: 43mm
  • V Jaws Tube Size: 13mm and 10mm
  • Compact Size Diameter: 43mm

  • Two (2) Aluminum Tubes
  • Diameter: 13mm
  • Thickness: 1.1mm
  • Length: 285mm

  • Length Total: 570 mm
  • Weight Total: 460g

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