Kupo Convi Clamp with Adjustable handle - Black

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Kupo Convi Clamp with Adjustable handle - Black

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The Kupo Convi Clamp is the foundation of any light rigging kit. The Convi Clamp is crafted from lightweight alloy that can support a market leading 20 kg! The Convi Clamp carries a TÜV certification so you can know that trust it when it comes to holding your valuable gear, from speed lights, to LED panels, to cameras or any other Kupo accessory that uses the hexagonal Convi stud system, like the Kupo Max Arm. This hexagonal stud receiver and the secondary press lock, mean that when mounted, the accessory won't rotate and potentially fall, should the securing lock be left undone by mistake.
Another feature of the Kupo Convi Clamp is the adjustable handle, which helps secure the clamp, no matter how you mount it. The handle is ratcheted, allowing you to reposition it without changing the clamping force should you not have the clearance to rotate it normally to tighten or loosen. Another market leading inclusion is the saddle, which, when installed in the Convi Clamp's jaws, allows you to securely mount to flat surfaces. When not needed, the saddle stores securely away on the body of the clamp.
2 Years Warranty

  • Lightweight Alloy construction
  • Market leading payload of up to 20kg
  • Ratcheting handle
  • Included saddle for flat surface mounting
  • TÜV certification
  • Discreet black finish
  • Length: 123.8 mm
  • Width: 90.8 mm
  • Height: 55.8 mm
  • Weight: 440g
  • Primary Material: Black Lightweight Alloy
  • Secondary Material: Stainless Steel Bolts
  • Maximum Load: 20 kg
  • Minimum Jaw Diameter: 5 mm
  • Maximum Jaw Diameter: 51 mm

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