Kupo 546M 510cm K Stand with 280cm Integrated Boom

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Kupo 546M 510cm K Stand with 280cm Integrated Boom

Product Description

The Kupo 546M is a versatile heavy duty light stand which also converts to a boom stand. By pulling the central tube out from within the stand the top sections can pivot and boom. With sturdily constructed chrome plated steel sections, square-end legs and a strong pivoting collar, the Kupo K stand offers our most stable support for a medium to large sized light fixture with a softbox or umbrella.
  • One leg has an adjustable length to allow for leveling thie light stand and stabilizing the load on uneven terrain.
  • The Pivoting collar with a large handle allows the K stand to be easy used either as standard light stand or as a boom.
  • At the rear of the boom pole, there is a 14mm mount hole to connect counterweight.
  • Atop the 546M K Stand is a triple mount option head, with a Junior 5/16 receiver, a baby 3/8" receiver, and an extendable 3/8" pin.
  • The optional casters, KC100S are recommended to easily move the K stand around on set.
  • 3 Risers 4 sections. Diameters: 45mm, 40mm, 35mm, 30mm
  • Maximum Height: 510cm in Light stand mode
  • Collapsed length: 160cm
  • Legs: 25X 25mm square legs. Chrome Plated Steel with one leveling leg. Compatible with CS100 castor kit (available separately)
  • Minimum boom extension: 155cm (61'')
  • Maximum load capacity at 155cm boom length: 30 kg ( 66 lbs)
  • Maximum boom extension: 280cm (110'')
  • Maximum loading at 280cm boom length: 8 kg (17.6 lbs)
  • Footprint diameter 134cm

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