Kondor Blue Mini QR Plate For Monitors, Arms, Accessories (Raven Black)

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Kondor Blue Mini QR Plate For Monitors, Arms, Accessories RAVEN BLACK (KB_QR_FBM_RBk)

Key Features:

  • 1/4", 3/8", & ARRI-Pin compatibility.
  • Provides quick-release functionality.
  • Aerospace-Grade Aluminium.
  • Anti-Twist Set Screw for Male Plate.

This camera quick-release plate is made up of two parts, a male & a female dovetail plate.

It provides quick-release functionality between cameras & accessories including & not limited to: Cine Magic Arms, LED Lights, EVF Mounts, Monitors, Microphones, Recorders, Flashes, Gimbals, & More!

Stronger than the competition. Secure & Solid Mechanism.

Features Anti-Twist Set Screw for a male plate.

Comes with 2 Allen Wrenches 2 screws & a rubber washer.

Additional Anti-Twist Arri Locator Pin & SmallHD Spacer Plates are also available (Sold Separately).

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