Jinbei 2.6 Metre Air Cushioned Light Stand JB2600FP

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Jinbei 2.6 Metre Air Cushioned Light Stand JB2600FP

The Jinbei JB-2600FP light stand is of professional quality, an aluminium lighting support ideal for studio applications. The JB2600FP has three sections featuring air cushioning designed for a maximum load of 5kg. This makes the light stand ideal for medium-sized flash heads & modifiers. Folding up to approx. 905mm this light stand is able to be packed away without taking up a great deal of space when not in use.

The JB-2600FP also features a metal mounting spigot (1/4" one end, 3/8" at the other), which can be mounted at right angles to the top of the stand for specific scenarios.

Tech Specs:

  • Max Height: 2600mm
  • Folded Length: 905mm
  • Load Rating: 5kg

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