Dynacore D-155MS micro V-Lock Battery 14.8V 155Wh

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Dynacore D-155MS micro V-Lock Battery 14.8V 155Wh

Product Description

Dynacore’s exciting new Rugged MINI D series Li-ion V-Lock professional battery range is here. D-155MS is a great size choice for many who want to run their camera and or lighting with size and value considered.

It's a great small size that uses an innovative double housing structure to help isolate the cells from the circuit board. This, along with a newly designed super strong outer shell, offers the best protection for the cells from damage caused by impact.

Features include D-tap and USB output connectors outputs for use in powering a multitude of peripherals.

D-tap output supports a maximum of 10A output, which is perfect for a camera, LED light, monitor or wireless transmission system, etc.

USB output offers 5V and 2Amp handling for convenient charging of mobile phones, iPad, etc.

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