Diffusion FX Professional Haze (225g)

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Diffusion FX Professional Haze (225g)

Product Description

Diffusion-FX is a "professional haze" spray allowing for instant, safe & non-toxic smoke effects to your photo & video.

How does it work?

1. Shake the can well.
2. Spray as much "Professional Haze" as required. Typical applications are 15-30 seconds.
3. Waft the smoke around which will disperse it further causing more natural "shafts of light".
4. Shoot your image.
5. Repeat as necessary.

** TIP: this product works best with strong backlight. The effect is weaker with side lighting so experiment! **

A clear, non-toxic professional haze spray made in Australia. Offers a convenient haze effect when sprayed into existing light. One can lasts approx. 5.5 minutes of constant output. The effect can be cleared with ventilation.

This product is oil based so it can leave a very fine slick on surfaces with constant use (the same as every other canned smoke product on the market).

Suitable for indoor & outdoor use, with little to no wind. Food & people safe.

Please Note: these cans are 2018 "B Stock".All units have been tested. RRP is AU$19.95 Inc GST

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