CORE SWX Nano 98wh V-Mount Battery + Powerbase Charger Kit (98WH)

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CORE SWX Nano 98wh V-Mount Battery + Powerbase Charger Kit (98WH)

Product Description

This Core SWX bundle combines the Nano 98wh V-Mount battery together with the Powerbase P-Tap charger. The Nano batteries are economical solution coming in at 98wh but providing "Smart" SMBUS/AN % data to pass through to the EVF whilst also providing regulated P-Tap out & 5v USB. These batteries are capable of supporting a continuous 8a draw.

The Powerbase Charger is an economical charger for those wary of cost. With this bundle you could expect to fully charge your Nano battery between approx. 7-9 hours. The charger simply plugs into the batteries P-Tap & provides slow charge to the battery.

Key Hypercore Nano 98w Battery Features:

  • 8a draws
  • 98Wh slim V-Mount Battery
  • Powertap + USB
  • 4-LED Gauge
  • Rubberised, non-slip housing
  • SMBUS/AN % data pass through

Key Powerbase Charger Features:

  • LED indication on charger, green for full power, re whilst charging
  • Plugs straight into power point
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