CORE SWX Hypercore Slim 7 Battery Kit with X2S Vertical Charger (82WH)

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CORE SWX Hypercore Slim 7 Battery Kit with X2S Vertical Charger (82WH)

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This Core SWX bundle combines the famous Hypercore Slim 7 Series V-Mount batteries together with the brand new X2S Vertical Rapid Charger. The Hypercore Slim batteries are high capacity 82wh batteries with all of the features known within our Hypercore range. These batteries are capable of supporting a continuous 10a draw.

When combined with the X2S Rapid charger you can expect to have both batteries fully charged in around 3 hours. The X2S Rapid charger will allow for simultaneously both Hypercore Slim 7's through its 2a system. If you're simply charging a single V-Mount battery through the Rapid charge bay you can expect the battery to be recharged within 2 hours.

Also included in the X2S charger is the ability to power out up to 90w through the 4-pin XLR port located on the charger.

Key Hypercore Slim 7 Battery Features:

  • High Draw (10A)
  • 82Wh slimline V-Mount Battery
  • 1000 charge/discharge cycle rating
  • Powertap
  • 4-LED Gauge
  • High Density cells. More amperage per cell; less number of cells means less
  • of a chance of a failure, less heat, longer service life
  • All safety features incorporated into the battery (Over/Under Voltage,
  • Over/Under Current, Temperature, etc.)
  • Battery dictates charge routine
  • Rubberised, non-slip housing

Key X2S Charger Features:

  • Rapid Quick Charge CH1 Current: 3A
  • Quick Charge Current: 2A Simultaneous
  • Size: 114mm x 180mm x 86mm
  • Weight: 860g
  • Input Voltage: 90-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • DC XLR Power Output: 90w, 15V/6A

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