Hahnel PROCUBE2 Battery Charger for Sony

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Hahnel PROCUBE2 Battery Charger for Sony

Product Description

The Professional Charger PROCUBE2 for Select Sony batteries from Hahnel is a 2-bay charger that is compatible with NP-BX1, NP-FW50 & NP-FZ100 batteries & can charge one or two lithium-ion batteries within 50 minutes simultaneously. An included charging plate, which sits atop the existing plate, charges four NiMH batteries as well.

To replace an interchangeable charging plate there is no need to plug or unplug any wires. To remove, use the plate eject tool on the side of the charger, & simply pop-in the new plate. Once all the batteries are in place, the easy-to view LCD display shows the charge status, health check, & the capacity of mAh being added to the battery. In addition, an integrated USB port will charge numerous devices supported by this connection.

Key Features:

  • Top-up charge - new mAh reading shows how much capacity has bee added during charging*
    300 mAh = approximately 150 photos
  • High-end LCD display with improved visibility
  • Battery health check
  • Charges one or two batteries simultaneously
  • Intelligent fast IC charge control
  • Supplied with interchangeable UK, Euro and US plugs
  • 12V Car lead included
  • Integrated 2.4A USB charger
  • AA tray charges 4 AA batteries simultaneously*
  • Supplied with required battery plates


  • NPBXI, NP-FW50 & NP-FZ100

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