Xlite Chromakey Collapsible Background 1.5x2m

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Xlite Chromakey Collapsible Background 1.5x2m

Product Description

The Xlite Reversible Chroma Key Green/Blue Collapsible Background combines the two most often used colours into one background. It offers quick set-up & take-down for versatility & easy portability. It is popular with photographers & videographers for digitally eliminating the original background & replacing it with another other. It collapses into a third of its size & stores in the included flat circular carry bag.

Key Features:

  • Double-sided green & blue background.
  • Handy carry bag for practical storage & transportation.
  • Tab on top for hanging of background from stands, etc.
  • Made from 100% highest quality cotton.
  • Great product for chromakey.
  • Size : 1.5 x 2m
  • Folded size : 65cm
  • Weight : 2.5kg

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