Tiltaing Mini Matte Box (MB-T15)

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The Tiltaing Mini Matte Box from Tilta is a lightweight, compact matte box with interchangeable mounting systems that suits small mirrorless or DSLR cameras. It accepts one standard 4 x 5.65" filter without the use of filter trays & includes four adapter rings to attach the matte box to the lens. The included carbon fiber top flag helps block veiling glare or bright reflections from striking your lens, & it can be folded down to cover the front of the matte box & provide protection to the front of your lens.

The matte box can be mounted onto the included 3.9" rod with the 15mm rod clamp. There are multiple 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 threads as well as shoe mounts on the matte box exterior that allow you to mount additional accessories. The matte box fits around lenses with a 77mm diameter, & the included 67, 72, 77, & 82mm threaded adapter rings allow you to use the matte box with lenses of different sizes & diameters. Separately available cine 80 & 85mm adapter rings can be used for cine-style lenses & other non-standard lens adapters are available separately.

  • The Mini Matte Box attaches directly to the front of a lens using the included 82, 77, 72, and 67mm adapter rings.
  • Multiple 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads & shoe mounts allow you to mount additional accessories.
  • One standard 4 x 5.65" filter can be added to the front of the matte box
  • A top flag is included to block unwanted glare & offers 180° of coverage.
  • The matte box can be mounted using the included 15mm rod clamp & 3.9" long 15mm rod.

Tech Specs:

  • Filter Stages - 1 x Fixed Stage (4 x 5.65")
  • Trayless Filter Slots - 1 x 4 x 5.65"
  • Lens Compatibility
    - 82 mm Opening (via Included Adapter)
    - 77 mm Opening (via Optional Adapter)
    - 72 mm Opening (via Included Adapter)
    - 67 mm Opening (via Included Adapter)
  • Rod Standard - 15 mm Single Rod (Slide-On)
  • Swing-Away - No
  • Material
    - Flag: Carbon Fibe
    - Frame: Aluminum
  • Vertical Adjustment - Yes
  • Horizontal Adjustment - Yes
  • Tilt Adjustment - Yes
  • Weight - 4.94 oz / 140 g

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