LEDGO 2x 308 LED Light Panel Kit Inc. Bag & Mounting inc Batteries & Chargers

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LEDGO 2x 308 LED Light Panel Kit Inc. Bag & Mounting inc Batteries & Chargers

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Sometimes, light output is the most important thing. That's where the LEDGO twin 308 LED panel kit comes into its own. Utilising two of LEDGO's popular 308 LED panels, this kit gives you the ability to create one large key light, or have two medium size points of light. Perfect for location video or T.V. camera operators, this all-in-one kit form LEDGO ensures you're never left in the dark. It can also utilised for macro, portrait or product photography. Powering these lights is done by using the included AA battery adaptor boxes, or by connecting 2x Sony style NPF lithium batteries which are included with chargers.

LEDGO have produced a kit that allows you to carry your whole lighting set up into a shoot thanks to the well layed out, padded carry bag. Everything has its place in the bag which helps you stay organised & reduces the chance of losing anything. Both 308 LED panels feature LEDGO's patented frame design which both protects the diodes & allows you to seamlessly connect the panels together to create a specific shape as required. The panels produce 2250 Lumens each of 5600k, daylight balanced light. The colour accuracy of LEDGO's latest panels cannot be disputed thanks to their 90+ CRI (colour rendering index) score. This puts them at the forefront in the continuous LED panel market & overcomes the issues many LED panes have had in the past of a green tint. The output colour is also easily changed thanks to the included modifiers (1x standard diffuser, 1x extra soft diffuser, 1x magenta 1x tungsten) which clip straight onto the front of the light.

LEDGO LED lights come in a range of sizes for all your video and still image applications.

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