Atomos Powerstation

Atomos Powerstation

Product Description

Powering the many devices Cinematographers need to shoot quality productions has been an issue in the past. Atomos' patented continuous power dual
battery system solves that problem & allows batteries to be hot swapped ensuring you will never be without power in the field.

A flexible dual USB power source allows you to charge a single high powered 2A device (iPad) or 2 x lower powered 1A devices. The provided 2600mAh
batteries is enough to charge an iPhone5 from 0 to 100%, 3 times over.

The dual DC outputs & provided splitter cable allows charging of up to 3 DC devices on the rig. Your choice of DSLR, lighting, monitor or Atomos product
up to a maximum of 5A output.

DC Adapters available for popular cameras including Sony a7 series, Sony FS series, Panasonic GH4, Canon 5DMKIII & C100 & more.

The Atomos Powerstation is available in two packages; Video & Photo.

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