Angelbird AVpro CF - 256GB (CFast)

Angelbird AVpro CF - 256GB (CFast)

Product Description


There to capture your creative moment! <\/p>\n

Your art thrives on spontaneity. In the creative moment, you must work with complete freedom & confidence, trusting in your artistic vision & in\n your tools. At Angelbird, they speak your language & design products that support your creative process without getting in the way.<\/p>\n


Whether you're working, creating or just having fun, your media & data are where you are. With blazing speeds of up to 540 MB\/s.<\/p>\n

Available Bundles:<\/strong> <\/strong>\n<\/p>\n

\n AVpro CFast 128 GB<\/li>\n AVpro CFast 128 GB","2 PACK<\/li>\n AVpro CFast 128 GB","4 PACK<\/li>\n AVpro CFast 256 GB<\/li>\n AVpro CFast 256 GB","2 PACK<\/li>\n AVpro CFast 256 GB","4 PACK<\/li>\n AVpro CFast 256 GB","MATCH PACK for Canon C200 (Great Value)<\/li>\n AVpro CFast 256 GB","MATCH PACK for BMD URSA (Great Value)<\/li>\n AVpro CFast 256 GB - SD 128GB","MATCH PACK (2 x 256GB CFast 2.0 & 2 x 128 SD) for BMD URSA MINI PRO (Great Value)<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n

Key Features:<\/strong> \n

\n Form Factor: CFast<\/li>\n Speed: Read up to 550MB\/s, Write up to 400MB\/s\n
<\/li>\n Capacity: 256GB\n
<\/li>\n Stable Stream: Stable Stream™\n
<\/li>\n Operating Temperature: 0 \u00b0C ~ +70 \u00b0C\n
<\/li>\n Air Travel: X-Ray & Magnetic Proof\n
<\/li>\n Robust: Rock Solid, Shock, Temperature Proof\n
<\/li>\n Protection: ESD & Overload Protection\n
<\/li>\n Stylish: Sticker-free™\n
<\/li>\n Warranty: 3 Years<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n

FREE LASER ENGRAVING<\/strong> available for Angelbird 4KRAW Caddy + ECO, CFast Cards & SSD2go PKT.<\/p>\n

Brand your Angelbird media or simply number them. A vector image is required then allow 3-4 days.<\/span> <\/p>\n

Download the custom branding samples.<\/a> \n

Links & Downloads:<\/strong> <\/p>\n


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