ANDYCINE Mini Shoe Monitor Mount HSM03

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ANDYCINE Mini Shoe Monitor Mount HSM03

Product Description

ANDYCINE Mini Shoe Monitor Mount HSM03


  • 360° Pan Rotation
  • 176° Tilt Adjustment
  • Lockable Pan/Tilt with Allen Key
  • 3.1 kgs Weight Capacity

Offering 360° rotation & 176° tilt adjustment, the ANDYCINE Mini Shoe Monitor Mount provides a lot of flexibility for your on-camera monitor in a compact form. The pan & tilt positions can be separately locked in place using an included Allen key to tighten the corresponding M3 screw. With knurled knobs, this aluminium accessory secures to your camera hot shoe & supports a monitor, light, or other device or accessory on top via a 1/4"-20 screw. It also has a 1/4"-20 thread on the bottom under the shoe mount. It supports up to 3.1 kgs loads, & the mounting platform is rubber-padded to prevent scratches & twisting.

Please Note:

  • At 3cm wide & 4.5cm in height this ball head is smaller than it appears.

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