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Quasar was started in 2012 in a dingy Gold Room on one of the oldest studio lots in Los Angeles, California by a group of I.A.T.S.E. Local 728 Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians. With over 100 years combined expertise in lighting movie sets, we decided once and for all that cable was heavy… And we endeavoured to lift less of it!

Quasar's grassroots beginnings, and our dedication to lighting technicians and filmmakers all over the globe is what drives us to design workflow solutions for filmmakers of all kinds.

We had all sorts of wacky ideas of what kind of LED fixture to make in those first days. As technicians, we understood that few people were excited about lights at 6am when the truck opened up, so making an all-around useful light was the main task.

It was getting harder to find incandescent light bulbs for sets as they were being phased out, but consumer LED bulbs were in their infancy and not yet suited for filmmaking. We thought ’Someone should make colour correct, flicker free LED light bulbs!” and so it all started.

By 2014, we had every shape light bulb from A19 to MR16 to R40, all colour correct with consistent colour temperature ranges, which at the time was a feat in itself, and the dimming was finally smooth enough to release.

We also made retrofit LED tubes which took off like gangbusters and is likely the Quasar product most of you are familiar with today. As filmmakers began using these tubes as fixtures all in themselves, we thought perhaps this is the LED fixture we had been looking for all along.

Cut to today - Quasar is a worldwide brand known for our understanding of on-set workflow, our customer support and accountability to the products we offer.

There is still lots to do to help filmmakers achieve their vision with many new and exciting ideas on the horizon.

Our #1 goal is making tools that help lighting technicians and filmmakers on set so that they can create art with as few limitations as possible.

We hope you continue to enjoy our design ideas and we will Endeavor to make the tools you need in order to get the job done.

Urban Cine is an official Reseller of Quasar Science.

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